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ARNNL Membership Updates

Membership Updates provide highlights of ARNNL's year-end nursing registration statistics.

2017-18 NP Registration Highlights

2017-18 RN Registration Highlights

2016-17 NP Registration Highlights

2016-17 RN Registration Highlights

2015-16 NP Registration Highlights

2015-16 RN Registration Highlights

2014-15 NP Registration Highlights

2014-15 RN Registration Highlights


Nursing Snapshots

Nursing Snapshots provide highlights of our provincial nursing statistics

2014-15 Snapshot of RNs in Management Positions

2013-2014 Snapshot of Internationally Educated Nurses in NL

2012-2013 Snapshot of Internationally Educated Nurses in NL


Statistics Resources

Provincial and national resources for nursing and health statistics

Health Workforce - Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners (CIHI)

NL Centre for Health Information (NLCHI)


For additional information about ARNNL's Membership Updates or Nursing Snapshots, please contact:
Julie Wells
Research & Policy Officer


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