Registration Forms

This section includes ARNNL forms that applicants/members may be required to submit to ARNNL for purposes of establishing registration or licensure.

In addition, registration service request forms are included in this section. 

Forms are in PDF format and may be PDF fillable. 

Review the instruction information at the top of each form carefully as some completed forms must be sent directly to ARNNL by the source completing the form. In such cases ARNNL will not accept such forms form the applicant/member. 

**Please note that in some cases the applicant/member may be required to provide payment to the source before they will forward the completed form to ARNNL. 

Verification Request Forms

Employer Reference Forms

Interim License Application Forms

Are available through MyARNNL.  Please note: Interim eligibility may only be granted with confirmation from the school.  

Nurse Practitioner Eligibility for Licensure Application Forms (Part 1)

Forms 1-7 are Part I of the process to establish NP licensure. Upon notification from ARNNL that an applicant is eligible for NP Licensure.  The applicant must complete Part II of the NP Licensure application at My ARNNL website.

Form 6: NP Exam Applications (New Graduates and other applicants as applicable)

Form 7: Declaration of Physicians Arrangement


Nurse Practitioner Prescriptive Authority Application Forms

Pre-Authorized Payment Forms


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