Practice & Advanced Practice

Standards, Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice

ARNNL has the legislative authority to advance and promote ethical and professional standards for registered nurses, and to define and determine the scope of nursing practice.

Scope of Practice for RNs   Standards & Code of Ethics
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Advanced Practice

Two advanced practice roles are recognized in Canada: nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist.

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Practice Consultation

Confidential and supportive consultation is available to you.

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Addressing Practice Matters

Registered nurses recognize and take action in situations where client safety is actually or potentially compromised.

Safety Concerns   Duty to Report
How to Resolve Professional Practice Issues   ARNNL Commentary on Physician-Assisted Death

Resources to Support Your Practice

In addition to the Standards, Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice, here are some additional resources.

Workplace Representatives   Special Interest Groups
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Recognizing Excellence

ARNNL's Awards for Excellence in Nursing recognize registered nurses and nurse practitioners in Newfoundland and Labrador who demonstrate excellence in nursing in one of five categories.

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