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In October 2017 Council approved changes to the NP scope of practice with respect to the medications buprenorphine - naloxone (suboxone) and methadone. Only select NPs, who have met specified practice and education requirements are granted authority to prescribe these medications. The federal exemption required under section 56 of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act for NPs to prescribe methadone is pending. Therefore, ARNNL has not granted authority to any NP to prescribe methadone at this time.

For a list of the NPs authorized to prescribe buprenorphine - naloxone (suboxone) click here.


Welcome to ARNNL’s Member Search. This easy-to-use tool is intended for employers and the public to verify the registration status of all ARNNL members who hold a current practicing license, Interim license, or non-practicing membership, and whether there are any conditions on an RN's practice.

This information is public information under the Registered Nurses Act (2008). ARNNL is required to have a register of members available to the public.

If you require further information on a member’s status, please click on the status description (e.g., practicing) to see the definition.

To display the business address and telephone number for a nurse practitioner (NP), click on the individual NP's name.

If you have additional questions or believe there are any discrepancies, please contact ARNNL Registration Services at 709-753-6040, ext 1 (1-800-563-3200 toll free in NL) or email

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