Holistic Connections

3:30 (Island Time)
31 May 2018

Holistic Connections

WHOLE Care: A Framework for Integrative Health Care (IHC)

This presentation will explore how the WHOLE Care framework can be used to deepen holistic assessment, care, professional education, and caregiver self-care. In relation to each of these contexts, we will explore: Wholism & IHC; History of Healing; Options for Healing; Logistics for Consumers & Caregivers; Environments for Healing; Holistic CARE of Self & Others in Daily Practice.

Presented by: Karen Scott Barss, RPN, MA Faculty, School of Nursing, University of Regina

Along with WHOLE Care, Karen has developed a number of resources to assist nurses and other healthcare professionals to foster the holistic nature of their practice.  She is a faculty member in the School of Nursing, Saskatchewan Polytechnic and Adjunct Professor, University of Regina where she has developed two electives: Integrative Health Care and Spirituality & Health. Drawing upon her background in Spiritual Direction, she also offers spiritual companionship and contemplative retreats to caregivers in support of their personal well-being.

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