Fee Schedule

*all prices include 15% HST* (HST increase of 2% effective July 1, 2016)

Fee schedule reviewed December 2014

Revised 2016: June

Review ARNNL's breakdown which highlights how your fees are used.


Licensure / Membership Fees

Practicing RN Fee 2017-18 (Full Licensure) April 1, 2017 - March 31, 2018: $475.65  

  • Note: Professional liability protection fee (RN:$34.00+HST) to be paid directly to Canadian Nurses Protective Socicty (CNPS).

Practicing NP Fee 2017-18 (Full Licensure) April 1, 2017 - March 31, 2018: $475.65

  • Note: Professional liability protection fee (NP:$85.50+HST) to be paid directly to Canadian Nurses Protective Socicty (CNPS).


Initial Registration Non-Practicing: $287.87

Non-Practicing Membership: $48.30

Non-Practicing Membership, age 65+: $34.52 

Interim License 2016-17 RN 4 month blocks: $155.25

Interim License 2016-17 NP 4 month blocks: Under review

Late Fee Renewal of Practicing License after March 1: $57.50

Penalty Fee-Practicing Nursing without a valid license:  $10.00 per shift/day worked, to a maximun of $200.00 dollars.

Practicing without a valid licensure is a breach of the Registered Nurse Act (2008) and the Registered Nurses Regulations (2013) may result in disciplinary actions. A registrant who practices without a valid license does not have professional liability with the Canadian Nurse Protection Society (CNPS).

Lapsed Membership Fee: $46.00


Refund Policy

As a self-regulated profession, ARNNL is required to meet its legislated requirements under the Registered Nurses Act. These requirements require the administration of a number of programs on an annual and ongoing basis. The programs include, but are not limited to, annual licensure renewal, a professional conduct review process and the continuing competency program. The costs of these programs are covered by membership fees. As well, the practicing licensure fee covers the costs of a number of member benefits (e.g., Canadian Nurses Association membership, ARNNL Education and Research Trust). All these services, which are available to each registered nurse if you practice one day or 365 days in the year, are paid out by ARNNL for each member and are non-recoverable. Therefore, to ensure effective budget planning and that the total membership has access to the values of licensure, once the effective date for a practicing/interim license or non-practicing membership has passed, a refund cannot be issued. In addition, application and other service fees (e.g., provisional registration application fee, NP eligibility application fee), once processed by ARNNL will not be refunded.


Examination Fees

Canadian Nurse Practitioner Examination: $1,344.06

Copy of Examination Results: $23.00

Examination Rescore: available upon request 


Application Fees for Initial Registration

Initial Registration Application – NL Graduate, Canadian Graduate, Canadian Registered Nurse: $189.75

Initial Registration Application – Internationally-Educated Nurses: $373.75

Initial Nurse Practitioner Licensure Application: $46.00

**Note: if sending fee via wire transfer, an additional fee is required (see fee below)


Verification Fees

Verification of Registration: $28.75

Confirmation of eligibility to register/license: $17.25

Confirmation of Registration History or Hours (previous 5 years) Member: $17.25   Non-Member: $23.00 

Confirmation of Registration History or Hours – Member 1992- present: $23.00; 1987-present (retrieved from archives): $46.00

Confirmation of Registration History or Hours – Non-Member 1992-present: $46.00; 1987-present (retrieved from archives): $69.00


Miscellaneous Fees

Duplicate License: $17.25 

Facsimile: $5.75

Confirmation of Fee Payment: $17.25

Wire Transfer Fee: $20.36

ARNNL Documents/Research Request: fee to be determined on request


Acceptable methods of payment

On line: Visa, MasterCard and Debit

In person at front desk: Visa, MasterCard and Debit

Certified Cheques (Canadian Only),

Money orders (Canadian Only) 

Bank Drafts (Canadian Only)

No Personal Cheques Accepted

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