January 16, 2019

Resolutions are an important way to raise issues for discussion at the Annual General Meeting and to request action by ARNNL Council.  Resolutions are advisory in nature and therefore not binding on Council.  Resolutions consistent with ARNNL's mandate and role may be submitted by special interest groups or individual members.  Resolutions can be submitted by mail, fax or email.  View ARNNL's guidelines on submission of resolutions.  The deadline for submission of resolutions is May 10, 2019.

Resolutions submitted by the deadline are reviewed by the Resolutions Committee in accordance with Council Policy GP - 6.6. Resolutions validated to be consistent with the Registered Nurses Act, By-Laws and the Registered Nurse Regulations will be posted to ARNNL’s website in advance of the Annual General Meeting and forwarded to members registered for the Annual General Meeting.

Following the Annual General Meeting Council, at its next scheduled meeting, will review all resolutions to determine the actions it may or may not take.  Council in its deliberations uses a screening tool that includes: Council’s Strategic Outcomes (with reflection on the “Priority Areas” approved for the upcoming year(s)), legal requirements, financial resources required to enact the resolution and other relevant information. Council’s decision with respect to a resolution are communicated via correspondence to the mover and seconder of the resolution(s) and to the membership at the next Annual General Meeting.

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