Call for Nominations

Leadership Opportunity … Run for ARNNL Council

Would you like to shape the advancement of nursing regulation and practice in your profession? As a member of ARNNL Council you will fulfill one of the most important responsibilities of being a registered nurse (RN) - leading your regulatory body in the public’s interest. Why not run for election as President-Elect, Domain or Regional Councillor and/or nominate a RN who can make this valuable contribution to the profession? To be a candidate for election, the nominee must be a registered nurse who resides within the province and holds a practicing license in good standing issued by ARNNL.

ARNNL members are invited to submit nominations for the following offices:

  • President-Elect
  • Domain Councillors
    • Education/Research
    • Administration
  • Regional Councillor
    • Central
    • Labrador-Grenfell

President-Elect (2018-20)

As President-Elect you will serve a two-year term, followed by a two-year term as President of ARNNL (2020-22). You will familiarize yourself with the role of President and fill in when necessary for the President. You should have a keen interest in advancing regulatory excellence, the standards of nursing practice and healthy public policy.

Domain Councillors (2018-21):

As Nursing Domain Councillors, you have knowledge and skills in the domain area in which you practice. As a member of Council you will bring that knowledge to the Council table to assist Council in making informed decisions related to nursing regulation.

Nursing Domain Councillor for Education/Research (2018-21)

As Nursing Domain Councillor for Education/Research, you must practice in an area providing education to nursing students or registered nurses (e.g. nurse educator, clinical educator, and professor). You should also be familiar with the conduct of nursing research and the contribution of nursing research to health care.

Nursing Domain Councillor for Administration (2018-21)

As Nursing Domain Councillor for Administration, you must practice in the area of nursing administration or nursing management (e.g. Chief Operating Officer, Director, and Manager).

Regional Councillors (2018-21):

As a Regional Councillor you will bring to the table an understanding of the issues and opportunities that impact nursing regulation in your region. You should have an interest in advancing the professional standards of our profession and promoting the health of the public.

Regional Councillor for Central Region (2018-21)

As Regional Councillor you must reside within the regional boundaries as follows: Charlottetown inclusive in the east, Fogo Island in the northeast, Harbour Breton/the Connaigre Peninsula in the south to the Baie Verte Peninsula in the west.

Regional Councillor for Labrador-Grenfell Region (2018-21)

As Regional Councillor you must reside within the regional boundaries as follows: the area north of Bartlett’s Harbour to Harbour Deep on the Northern Peninsula and all of Labrador.

After reviewing the geographical regions, if you are unsure of the region for which you should run, or for which you may be a nominator, please contact ARNNL.

All Councillors are expected to attend Council meetings in St. John’s (approximately three) and by teleconference (eight tentative), and the Annual General Meeting held in alternating locations throughout the province. Council members will serve on at least one Council sub-committee. A time commitment and flexible schedule to allow for attending face-to-face and teleconference Council meetings is required. Participation on ARNNL Council is a voluntary role, however, all reasonable expenses associated with attending meetings are reimbursed by ARNNL. ARNNL does not provide salary reimbursement for attendance at ARNNL meetings.

The conduct of nominations and elections is an open process. At any time after the call for nominations, an individual RN may contact ARNNL and ask if there are any nominations received, the candidate’s name, and position for which the candidate is seeking election. Following the tally of online votes, the Chairperson of the Committee on Nominations will advise all candidates of the results of the election prior to the announcement at the Annual Meeting.

To submit a nomination, send completed nomination and biographical forms to ARNNL, along with a photograph, by 4:30 pm on February 12, 2018

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