ARNNL Council Election 2018 - Meet Your Candidates

ARNNL Council is comprised of 10 registered nurses (RNs) elected by the membership and four public representatives appointed by the Minister of Health and Community Services. The RN Act (2008) staggers the terms of office for the RN positions. This means that this year, ARNNL is required to conduct an election for President-Elect, Domain Councillor for Education/Research, Domain Councillor for Administration, Regional Councillor for Central Region and Regional Councillor for Labrador-Grenfell Region. 

All ARNNL members (practicing, non-practicing and honourary) across the province are eligible to vote for their preferred candidates for each of the positions, however, each voting member will have the opportunity to 'click to vote' once only so be sure to finish your voting in one visit.



Beverly Pittman (nee Decker) - By Acclamation

Graduate: Western Memorial Hospital, 1990

Postgraduate Courses:  LEADS for Manager (2017); The Working Mind Managers, Mental Health Commission of Canada (2017); Management Essentials Program (2015-2016); Canadian Incident Analysis Framework (2013); Patient Safety Education Program (2012); Canadian Patient Safety Officer Course (2011): Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results Training (2010); Disclosing Unanticipated Medical Outcomes & Situation Manager Trainer (2009); Risk Management Course 255 (2009); Basic Life Support Instructor (BLS) (2007); Regional Incident Command System Course (2007); Ethics Education Certificate Program (2007); Basic Infection Prevention and Control (2007); Leadership for the New Healthcare Environment (2006); Advances Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) (2006); Cardiovascular CNA Certification (CCNC) (2004/2009).

Present Position:  Manager, Risk Management, Labrador-Grenfell Health

Professional Activities:  ARNNL Council, Labrador-Grenfell Councillor (2007-present); ARNNL Appointments Committee (2009-present); ARNNL Audit Committee (2007-present); ARNNL Professionalism Strategy Working Group (2012-present); ARNNL Workplace Representative (1998-present); Mental Health Policy Liaison Team (1997-present); President, Community and Hospital Infection Control Association Canada (CHICA)-NL (2010-2012); Member, CHICA – National (2006-2012).

Community Activities: Chair, Curtis Memorial Hospital Social Club; previously volunteered on the parent Committee for Guides, St. Anthony and Area Minor Hockey Association, and Co-chair of Health Environment Committee of the Northern Regional Wellness Coalition.

“I have worked as a frontline nurse, Intensive Care Unit Team Leader, Infection Control/Risk Management Coordinator, Regional Patient Safety Officer and Regional Risk Manager.  I promote professionalism and been an active member on ARNNL Council and committees. I would like to be given the opportunity as President-Elect to serve on Council on behalf of the members and in the interest of the public.  Advancing and promoting the ethical and professional standards of the nursing profession, promoting proficiency and competency in the nursing profession and encourage members to participate in activities promoting the health and well-being of the public.”


Valery Goulding

Graduate: S.A. Grace General Hospital, 1989

Postgraduate Courses: Advanced Foot Care, Centre for Nursing Studies (2017); Nurse Educator Certificate, George Brown College (2015); Gerontological Certification GNC (c) (2014); Bachelor of Nursing, Athabasca University (2009). Currently enrolled in Post-Basic Gerontology Course with Centre of Nursing Studies.

Present Position:  Clinical Educator, Eastern Health Long Term Care

Professional Activities:  Member of:  Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association; Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association; Canadian Foot Care Association; Executive Member for NL Gerontological Association; Gentle Persuasive Approach Coach; Regional Falls Committee; Palliative End of Life Care Committee; Clinical Standards & Supply Chain Committee; Regional Nursing Policy Advisory Committee; LTC Pharmacy Committee; ARNNL Workplace Representative and actively participates on a number of working groups. 

Community Activities:  Secretary, S.A. Grace General Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Executive

“I would be honoured to be a contributing member of Council in the position of Domain Councillor of Education/Research.  As a member, I feel the importance of advocating for nursing practice, and supporting RNs in provision of safe, competent and quality care.”

Nicole Lewis-Power (nee Lewis)

Graduate: Memorial University, 2002

Postgraduate Courses:  Master of Nursing (2009)

Present Position:  Nursing Instructor, Pediatrics/Women’s Health, Memorial University

Professional Activities:  Associate editorial board member for the Nursing and Healthcare International Journal; ARNNL Workplace Representative (2013-present)

“I have been teaching at Memorial University School of Nursing since 2008 and have been involved on multiple committees including the NCLEX-RN committee and workload committee.  I am currently the liaison at this site (coordinator) for the planning and implementation of our concept based curriculum.  In addition, I am a part-time student with the faculty of Medicine, working on my PhD with the division of community health and humanities.  I work with nursing education and research daily and know the important contribution they make to our profession.”



Crystal Northcott (nee Anthony)

Graduate: Centre for Nursing Studies, Memorial University, 2007

Postgraduate Courses:  Master of Nursing, Memorial University (2014)

Present Position:  Regional Program Consultant, Children and Women’s Health, Eastern Health

Professional Activities:  Chair, Children and Women’s Health (CWH) Program Policy; Member of:  Breastfeeding Task Force; Regional Falls Prevention; Health Emergency Management (HEM); Regional CWH Ethics Committee; CWH Quality Steering Committee; Perinatal Leadership Committee; Eastern Health Management Advisory Committee; Safe Sleep Working Group; Least Restraint Working Group; Medical Device Reprocessing (MDR) Quality and Safety Committee; Pediatric Rehab Reporting System Working Group, Canadian Pediatric Data Support Network; Canadian College of Health Leaders and the Pregnancy and Infant Death Alliance.

Community Activities: Parent Volunteer – Sparks; Parent Representative – School Council.

“I wish to run for Council because I am passionate about nursing and what the profession can offer to healthcare in our province.  Having worked in various areas of nursing since graduation I believe I have a true understanding of the challenges nurses face, as well as the many opportunities available for growth and development.  I enjoy policy development, working with the public to enhance services offered, as well as contributing to the professional development of registered nurses and students.”

Tonya Ryan (nee Jackman)

Graduate: Western Memorial Hospital, 1994

Postgraduate Courses:  LEADS Certified Internal Facilitator; Learning Leaders Program Eastern Health; LEADS Program; LEAN Education Series; Institute of Health Information Certificate in Quality & Patient Safety; Root Cause Analysis; Failure Mode Effect Analysis; Seven Habits for Effective Managers; Current ACLS Instructor; Currently Enrolled in Bachelor of Health Administration.

Present Position:  Nurse Manager, Emergency, Central Health

Professional Activities:  ARNNL Council, Administration Councillor (2016 – present); Provincial Government Negotiating Team (three terms); Heart and Stroke ACLS Instructor (2001-present); Member National Emergency Nurses Association (NENA); Presenter at Pan American Emergency Nurse Conference (2014).  Extensive Committee involvement over the year at the regional health authority level including regional teams such as QI team chair.

Community Activities: Catechism Instructor (children’s program) (2014-2017); Primary School Council Chair (2009-2012/2014-2016); President and Registrar GFW Minor Hockey Association (2014-2016); School Council Member (2013-2015).

“I entered the profession of nursing to provide care and comfort to patients when they needed it the most, this was my focus.  Although this remains my passion, over the last 15 years my focus has been the nurses I manage, improving my organization and developing my leadership skills and ability.  I believe as a member of the ARNNL Council I am able to combine my passion for patient care, nursing practice and leadership development and utilize my experience to ensure quality practice environments and better patient outcomes.  I have learned a great deal from my last term as domain councillor and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve on Council.  I would love to continue in this role and contribute to the practice of nursing in this province.”

Wanda Slade (nee Young)

Graduate: S.A. Grace General Hospital, 1994

Postgraduate Courses:  Completing Masters of Health Studies (2016-present); Bachelor of Nursing (2011).

Present Position:  Site Manager, Administration, Labrador-Grenfell Health

Professional Activities:  Served in various positions with the local Nurses Union Branch 14 including Secretary/Treasurer and Branch President (1998-2008).

Community Activities:  Minor Hockey Association (various volunteer activities including First Aid) (2005-2016).

“I believe the Domain Councillor for Administration position will provide a unique leadership opportunity, allowing me to grow both personally and professionally.  While taking courses towards the completion of my Masters of Health Studies I am learning the value of nursing policies and the governance of a professional regulatory body.  As nurses, and nurse leaders, we play a vital role in shaping not only the future of nursing but also the future of healthcare.  It is imperative for nursing to have a strong voice in the decision-making processes that will affect the delivery of healthcare in our province as well as throughout the country.”


Tracy MacDonald (nee Beson) - By Acclamation

Graduate: St. Francis Xavier University, 1999

Postgraduate Courses:  Osgoode Certificate in Clinical Risk, Negligence and Claims Management in Health Care (2017); Learning Leaders Education Training (2016-2017); Patient Safety & Incident Management Skills Development Session (2016); LEAN Training (2016); LEADs Collaborative Framework Training (2016); Patient Safety Officer Course (2015); X32 Healthcare on site Kaizen Event Training (2014); LEAN ED Training X32 Healthcare Training (2013); Lean Enterprise Institute Online Webcast of Key Lean Concepts (4 modules) (2013); Masters of Health Studies – Leadership (2010); Certificate through Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology (2006/recertified 2011 valid to 2016); Infection Control Practitioner I Certificate (2002); Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Advanced Major (1999).

Present Position:  Risk & Patient Safety Manager, Central Health

Professional Activities:  ARNNL Council, Central Region Councillor (2015-present); NL Planning Committee Member for Atlantic Learning Exchange, CPSI 2019 Conference (2018); Presenter at Infection Prevention & Control Canada – NL Chapter Provincial Education Day (2017); Presenter at Atlantic Learning Exchange, CPSI (2017); Co-presenter at Taming of the Queue National Conference (2013); Central Health, Safety is Central Award (2012); Presenter at National CHICA Conference (2009); Best Scientific Research Presentation by a Nurse/Technician (2006); Senior Nursing Recognition Award (1999).

“I have been so fortunate to have been a part of the ARNNL Council these past three years serving as Regional Councillor for the Central Region.  My reasons for joining the nursing profession have not wavered in my 20 year career; to help guide the profession of nursing ensuring that it remains rooted in patient centered care that keeps people safe.  I continue to be motivated and passionate to invest in raising the bar for the profession of the registered nurse in our province.  I am fully committed to having a strong voice at the table for the work ahead and am super excited for the lead role our province has played and will continue to play in evolving this profession provincially and nationally while remaining grounded in our professional ethics and standards of practice.”


Vanessa Fewer

Graduate:  Western Memorial Hospital, 2012

Postgraduate Courses:  Medevac Trained; Heart and Stroke BLS Instructor; ACLS Certified; Neonatal Resuscitative Program (NRP) Certified; Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS) Certified; Currently Working on ER Certificate Program through BC Institute of Technology.

Present Position:  Registered Nurse, Med Surg/OBS/Emergency, Labrador Health Centre

Professional Activities:  Registered Nurses Union of NL Branch 15 Secretary/Treasurer (2017-present); RNUNL Branch 15 Shop Stewart (2012-present).

Community Activities: Local SPCA; Girl Guides of Canada; Local Curling Club; Volunteer for Local Medevac Course.

“I constantly am seeking opportunities to further my knowledge both within my workplace and outside of the workplace.  I feel that by being a part of this Council I will build a knowledge base around the administrative and practice side of nursing; this will be beneficial to my career in many ways.”

Kathy Gillett (nee Young)

Graduate: S.A. Grace General Hospital, 1989

Postgraduate Courses:  Bachelor of Education (post-secondary) (2017); Disclosing Unanticipated Medical Outcomes (DUMO) Trainer (2017); St. John Ambulance First Aid Instructor (2016); Masters of Science in Nursing (2015); Post-Secondary Education Certificate (2012); Canadian Nurses Association Certification in Gerontology (2010); Bachelor of Nursing (2009).

Present Position:  Clinical Nurse Educator, Long Term Care, Labrador Health Centre

Professional Activities:  Member of the Canadian Gerontological Nurses Association (CGNA); Member of Choosing Wisely Canada CGNA/CNA Working Group (2017); Co-leader/Trainer Safe Client Handling and Movement Program (2012-2013, 2016); Past Member of Wound Care Committee and OH & S Committee (2008).

Community Activities:  Secretary, Church Board (2017- present); Team Co-leader of Alzheimer’s Society Annual Walk (2015-present).

“Born and raised in Labrador, and having lived and worked 17/27 years of my nursing career in Western, Central and Coastal Labrador I believe that I can bring a valuable array of knowledge and experience to the position of Labrador-Grenfell Region Councillor.  In my present role as clinical nurse educator I am daily involved in ensuring educational support is provided to nurses with the purpose of advancing our professional standards and promoting the health of the public.  I am interested in expanding my understanding of our regulatory body and having a voice in the decision-making process.”

Krista Lynn Howell

Graduate:  Memorial University, 2011

Postgraduate Courses:  Currently enrolled in MUN Master of Nursing Program (2016-present); CPR Instructor (2012-present); Canadian Triage and Assessment Scale (CTAS) (2017); ACLS (2017 recertified); Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) (2017 recertified); Neonatal Resuscitative Program (NRP) (2017 recertified); Trauma Nursing Care Course (TNCC) (2016); PALS instructor for region (2017).

Present Position:  Registered Nurse I, Acute Care/Emergency Department, Labrador-Grenfell Health (South)

Professional Activities:  Peri-Operative Service Unit Council (2015-2017); NL OR Nurses Member/Liaison for Local Chapter (2015-2017); Working Group to Develop Labrador-Grenfell Model of Nursing Clinical Practice; OH & S Committee Nursing Rep.

Community Activities: Deputy Mayor for Town of St. Anthony (2017-present); Councillor for St. Anthony (2015-2017); Coach, Swim Team (2011-present); Member of International Grenfell Association Music Appreciation Program; Member of Community Youth Network; Member of Church Lead Team – Music Program, Youth Involvement Initiative (2011-present); Intermittent Girl Guide Leader.

“This opportunity would allow me to be an advocate for the care of the population of the Labrador-Grenfell Region, and the province.  I could contribute to policy decisions that are in the best interest of the population; I could impact the evolution of the nursing practice and strive to advance nursing excellence in this province.  This opportunity would enhance my knowledge of the ARNNL and its importance to the safety of the people of this province.  I believe I would bring new insights and perspective to the Council.”

Anastasia Knudsen (nee Drudge)

Graduate: St. Clare’s School of Nursing, 1998

Postgraduate Courses:  Bachelor of Science in Nursing (2000)

Present Position:  Clinical Nurse Educator, Professional Practice-Acute Care; Labrador-Grenfell Health

Professional Activities:  ARNNL Workplace Representative (2015-present); ARNNL Nomination Committee Member (2017); Gentle Persuasive Approach (GPA) Instructor; Trauma Nursing Care Course (TNCC) Instructor; Member of:  Regional Medication Reconciliation Committee, Regional Committee for Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently (MOREOB), Regional Steering Committee for Labrador-Grenfell Health Model of Nursing Clinical Practice, Regional Committee for Baby-Friendly Initiative, Regional Ethics Committee, Audit Committee – Curtis Memorial Hospital, Library Committee – Curtis Memorial Hospital.

Community Activities: St. Lunaire-Griquet Firettes (2009-present); Volunteer activities for charities eg. First Step and other local needs as requested.

“My interest in ARNNL began in St. Clare’s School of Nursing where we learned about the pride of professionalism and the importance of the role of the registered nurse for the care of our patients and the public. My career since leaving St. Clare’s has been varied but I have never forgotten the support and guidance that the ARNNL provided. I have told co-workers in Ontario and the US of the support that our governing body provides and how the standards of practice have stayed with me. Ten years ago I returned to Newfoundland and began work with Labrador-Grenfell Health. I worked in ICU and Obstetrics and went on to take a supervisory role as a Site Coordinator. This role allowed me to practice in many areas including the ER and Long Term Care, and to be a support to frontline staff. I am currently a Clinical Nurse Educator and have held this position for the past four years. It is a wonderful venue to nurture new nurses as we provide them with corporate orientation. I am also involved regionally with many projects that foster our standards of practice including, LPN upskilling, standardizing nursing documentation and medication administration. Since returning home I have also become a Workplace Representative for the ARNNL which is a role I take much pride in.

I respectively put my name forward for nomination of regional councillor for Labrador-Grenfell Region. I look forward to the potential of working with the Council and the ARNNL to make a difference in our profession and to support and enable our nurses in this province to achieve success. I welcome the opportunity to give back to the profession and our governing body, as well as promoting our standards and ethics as registered nurses.”



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