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This section applies to you if you are currently a student/graduate of an approved NL or other Canadian nurse practitioner education program and/or are currently registered/license as an NP in another Canadian jurisdiction (province/territory).

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Streams of Practice

In Newfoundland and Labrador, nurse practitioners (NPs) are licensed in one of three streams of practice:

    • Family/All-Ages
    • Adult
    • Pediatric

Overview of Registration Process

Note: All applicants must have established registration as a registered nurse with ARNNL before commencing the application process for nurse practitioner licensure.

1.  Review the Requirements for Licensure for Nurse Practitioner.

2.  Complete application for initial NP licensure including application fee. The application consists of five parts:

  • Complete Part I of the application and submit it to ARNNL.
  • Forward Part II of the application to the school of nursing where the nurse practitioner educational program was completed. 
    NOTE: Graduates of an NL nurse practitioner education program and NPs already licensed in another Canadian jurisdiction are not required to complete this form.
  • Forward Part III of the application to the authority who granted nurse practitioner registration/licensure if registered/licensed as a nurse practitioner in another jurisdiction.
  • Forward Part IV of the application to the Director of Nursing or Director of Human Resources at your current/most recent place of NP employment (if applicable). References include all NP employers within the last three years starting with the most recent employer. 
    NOTE: An employer reference is not required if applicant is a new graduate of an NP education program and has never been employed as an NP
  • Complete Part V – Payment of Application Processing Fee, complete and submit to ARNNL.

3. ARNNL will notify you by email that your application for NP licensure has been approved.

Sections 4-6 apply to new NP graduates only

4. New graduates of a Nurse Practitioner Education program are required to successfully complete an NP licensure exam based on their education, specific to the following streams of practice. Refer to Nurse Practitioner Examinations for more information on the exam application process.

5. If applicable - Apply for Interim license -  An interim license allows graduates of an NP educational program to go into an NP position and establish their role while waiting to write and receive the results of the CNPE:F/AA, AANPCB or PNCB licensure exam. There are restrictions to an interim license, in that, you cannot prescribe, order diagnostics or forms of energy (radiology) independently. Interim license holders are required to have a co-signature of a licensed NP or physician.

Note: Contact ARNNL regarding the process to apply for an interim license as an NP.


Registered nurses applying for an interim NP license within the last quarter of ARNNL licensure year (i.e. January 1- March 31) are required to purchase professional liability protection through Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS) that will extend into the next licensure year, up to the date of the expiry of the interim license.  However, on successful completion of the NP licensure exam and on application for an NP practicing license the registered nurse will be required by CNPS to purchase NP professional liability protection for the new licensure year (i.e. April 1 - March 31).  THEREFORE, a registered nurse should evaluate their need for an interim license prior to March 31.  If the license is not needed (i.e. commencing employment prior to/or on March 31) they can consider waiting until the new licensure year to apply for NP licensure and paying for CNPS professional liability protection.

6. Successfully pass an NP examination.

7. Complete the following:

    • A prescribing Controlled Drugs and Substance (CDSA) course approved by ARNNL. Certificate must be submitted with your application.
    • The Tamper Resistant Prescription Pad Program (TRPPP), Department of Health and Community Services, Government of NL.

For approved education courses and information regarding TRPPP, contact

  8. Apply for initial NP licensure through MyARNNL.

Registrants who practice without a valid NP interim license or NP practicing license will be subject to an Unauthorized Practice Fee in accordance with ARNNL Bylaw Article II, section 2(C) (Effective January 1, 2018 $100/shift worked with no maximum) and discipline in accordance with section 21 of the RN Act where the period of practice exceeds 3 shifts from and including the 1st shift.

For further information please call 709-753-6040 or email


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